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Glass upgrade options

If the glass in any of your double glazing needs replacing, there are several options for you to choose from. For conservatories, self-cleaning and thermal control glass are both excellent options. For low glass areas such as patio doors or commercial glazing units, toughened or reinforced glass provides enhanced levels of protection. We can also install obscured or textured glass for use in areas where privacy is a priority such as bathrooms or areas located close to main roads or in public view.

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Broken or damaged glass in your windows, doors, or conservatory? UK Double Glazing Repairs will help you to fix the problem. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

UK Double Glazing - Broken Glass

Shattered Glass

A shattered window pane can spread shards of glass over a wide area. If your window has shattered, we will assess the situation and suggest the best way to replace the pane with minimal hassle.

Blown Unit

Blown Unit

Sometimes a double glazed unit can become misted because of a damaged glass pane. Firstly, we will try to locate the cause of the problem and fix it if possible. If the source of the problem is unclear, we can arrange for a replacement pane to be installed.

Scratched Glass

Scratched Glass

Scratched glass is usually a purely aesthetic problem. Sometimes it is possible to reduce the scratches by buffing the window. If the scratches are obscuring the view from the window, you may want to consider a replacement.

Broken Glass

Broken Glass

When a window pane is completely broken there is obviously only one solution. We can however, install a temporary board if an unusually shaped or sized pane needs to be sourced.

Quick and efficient glass repairs

For any damaged glass problems, UK Double Glazing Repairs will act fast and get your windows back in order in no time at all. We work carefully and skilfully to remove any damaged areas and professionally install a replacement pane. If you need to make your home or business premises secure extra quick, we can install temporary boarding to protect your home. This will give you more time to decide which type of replacement is best suited to your situation.

Glass Repairs

Affordable glazing repairs in London and surrounding areas

At UK Double Glazing Repairs, we have the skills and experience to fix any double glazing related problem. Whether you need residential or commercial glazing repair work, we’ve got you covered. Please fill out the form below to have an expert contact you!

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