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If you are currently self-isolating or concerned about having visitors to your home, but still want to move forward with your home improvement plans - don’t worry! You can defer your installation date for up to 3 months. Simply place your order and pay a deposit, and we can schedule the installation for a later date. Please speak to us for more information.

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Bi-fold, French and sliding patio door problems solved

Patio doors incorporate large expanses of glass and sometimes complex configurations. When things go wrong with the glazing or the opening system, it can be a nightmare for your home living environment, restricting access to and from your property. Fortunately, at UK Double Glazing Repairs, we can help to fix your patio doors. If your locks have started to stick or become loose, we can analyse the problem and depending on the extent of the damage, we’ll either try to remedy the issue or offer a replacement locking system.

What can we offer you?

Are you experiencing problems with your entrance doors? Whatever the issue, we’ll do all we can to help. For a free no obligation quote, get in touch today.

Broken Frames

Cracked Frame

A cracked door frame can negatively impact your home’s insulation and create a potential security risk. Where possible, we’ll repair any cracks or replace the damaged section.

Stiff Lock

Stiff/broken locks

Your locking system is the most important part of your door. When it starts to stick and become difficult to use it’s a good idea to replace it before it becomes an emergency.

Dropped Hinges

Dropped Hinges

Sometimes a door’s hinges can drop making the door difficult to open and close. This can usually be rectified with some minor adjustments. If not, we can install replacement hinges.

Damaged Hardware

Damaged Hardware

If your hardware has become weathered, rusted or damaged it can look unsightly and make it more difficult to use. We can source and install high quality replacement hardware for your door.

UK Double Glazing - Exterior

Faded Exterior

If the exterior of your door has become faded by direct sunlight or weathered and discoloured in any way, there is a solution. Our colour spraying service will revitalise any door.

Composite door repairs and adjustments

Your home’s entrance door is the first point of access for yourself and any visitors. The same goes for a commercial entrance, potentially hundreds of people will use your door every day. Over time, some wear and tear is inevitable. When you start to experience problems with your entrance door, acting quickly can sometimes save you time, hassle and money in the long run. Whatever type of door is installed at your home or business premises, we can solve any problems you may experience. Composite doors are an increasingly popular entrance door which, when properly cared for can last for decades. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners across the UK to maximise the life of their composite door. Our service is not only for composite doors however. We’ll happily work on uPVC, aluminium and timber doors with the same drive to help our customers.

Front Door

Affordable glazing repairs in London and across the UK

UK Double Glazing Repairs employ a nationwide network of specialist glazing repair engineers. From our HQ in London, we can connect you with a friendly and skilled repair engineer located close to you. Every member of our network is fully trained and has all the vital knowledge and experience to provide the same outstanding levels of service wherever you are based.

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